This is all REAL.


Good Luck Charlie:

((((((“Dad: “… Having babies is a team effort,”
Kid: “What do you mean?”
Teddy: “This should be good.”
………………………*then later*
Dad: “And the weekend we got married, we weren’t even planning on doing it.”
Mom:*quickly* “Getting married.”
………………….. (i forget what they said)
Mom: “…… so we did it.”
Dad: *quickly* “Got married.”
Kid: “Why do you keep saying that?”
Mom: “You didn’t have the talk with him yet?”
Dad: “I didn’t even have the talk with PJ yet!”
I’m guessing PJ: “I’m good!””
theres also the episode when the parents go out to eat for the first time and teddy says
“alright you two have but but not too much we already have 3 kids!!”))))))
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Also, there is a scene in “Kit and Kaboodle” where Gabe is going to his mother for advice on a girl. The mom tells Gabe to let Kit (the girl he likes) to do the talking. Gabe asks his mother if she and his dad did that. The mom replies: “Oh, no, when your dad and I started dating, we didn’t do a lot of talking.” Gabe says “Then what did you do?” The mom has a nervous look and she finally says, “We…played checkers. Lots and lots of checkers”

Shake It Up:

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On Give It Up, Mrs. Locassio says that she used to dance as a Vegas showgirl in her birthday suit.
On Add It Up, Deuce netted away his underwear and won it back. Also, Gunther is disappointed that he won’t marry Tinka.
In Break It Up, there is this whole thing with Gunther being excited to switch clothes with Ty.


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Zuri’s imaginary “friend” Genevieve evidently attacked her Build-A-Baboon and now he’ll never have children.
Luke suggests Jessie search for his “off-switch”
Luke tries to pinch Jessie’s butt and also makes her wear a skimpy dress.
Mrs. Chesterfield is always sticking her butt out and wearing skimpy dresses and growling in front of Bertram.
Zuri constantly warns Tony to be careful around Jessie. “No wandering fingers” “I’m going to have to have a serious talk with that young man” ‘Keep your hands north of the Equator”.

Wizards Of Waverly Place:

This show isn’t as bad, but you can fins some stuff here:
Also, in one episode where Alex gives up the competition to spend more time with Mason and we meet the CuCui’s, Mason says he will try to “resist some of his canine urges”. I mean :O ! Okay, it’s not exactly an innuendo, but still…

A.N.T. Farm

Actually it’s pretty good so far, but there is 1.

Austin & Ally

Hmm it’s actually pretty good but check out please anyways.

My Babysitter’s a Vampire? Honestly, it just depends on what you consider an innuendo.